Milwaukee Waters Investigation

What if community partners came together to support teachers and students in projects that connect them to Milwaukee’s Waterways? 

The Milwaukee Waters Investigation is a grant funded opportunity to connect teachers and students to local waterways.  On April 13, 2023, over 400 local students will hit our waterways for a citywide beach and river cleanup and investigation. Teachers and students will have the support community science, education, environmental, and business partners to prepare for and use this event as part of a real-world exploration that focuses on Milwaukee’s Waterways.  The program offers professional development for participating teachers as well as access to supporting pre and post activities.

  • Cost: None
  • Date & Time: Thursday, April 13, 2023. 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • Grades: 4th grade or higher.
  • Location: A river or beach site in the Milwaukee area. We can assign a location or you could possibly work at a site you currently visit.
  • Investigation: Includes a connection to their local waterways; pre-activities in their schoolyard to introduce students to April 13th activities; the April 13th event at a beach or river site with 3 sets of activities that students rotate through and then a picnic; and post activities that compare data collected from all sites, and a survey of student’s reflections and next steps they would like to see happen.
  • Other Resources: A classroom visit by a project partner can also be scheduled, at no cost, to introduce students to their local waterways and the world’s water resources.
  • Media Plan: In May 2023, the student’s projects will be shared with our media partners, public officials and community.

Sign Up

Schools and sites for the investigation will be selected by October 15th. If you are interested in participating register your interest here: https://bit.ly/LDMWI2023


This effort is supported by funding through a Wisconsin Coastal Management Program Grant, and MN Sea Grant in partnership with Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful and Freshwater ToolKit.org.