Joost Allard


Joost AllardFor the past decade, Joost has chosen to apply his 25+ year experience to the intersection of technology, innovation and education. Recognizing that technology alone is not sufficient to drive change in education, Joost drives Learn Deep’s approach to teachers’ experience and building impactful partnerships. His breadth of experience includes starting and advising startups, designing and coaching growing companies on how to develop partnerships successfully, as well as managing IT development projects at a variety of companies.

Joost has served in leadership roles in charitable and professional associations throughout his career in the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

Joost has a graduate degree in Business from the University of St. Thomas (MN), a combined business and technology management degree from the City College of Frankfurt and a BA education (TOEFL and Dutch) degree from teacher training college in the Netherlands.


Pete Reynolds


Pete ReynoldsPete’s focus has been to implement Learn Deep’s ecosystem approach to driving change in K-12 education, building a network of educators and partners that bring diverse experience and expertise and creating opportunities where collaborative efforts can offer rich learning experiences for students. 

Prior to founding Learn Deep, Pete spent 25 years managing cross-functional teams in the development and implementation of new technologies for new and rapidly growing companies. That brought with it a need for immersion in the methodologies of Design Thinking, Agile Software Development, User Experience Design, and the Lean Business Canvas — tools and processes designed to foster the rapid understanding of a problem from the customer’s perspective and iterate quickly to arrive at a sustainable solution.

Pete holds Masters Degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a BS in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.


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