Our Mission

The demand that students develop skills that will will enable them to survive and thrive in the 21st century (communication, collaboration, problem solving) is rising.  This, in turn, is forcing a big shift in education -- away from the mass production, content-centric model in use for the last 100 years to student-driven work on real-world projects. As this transition unfolds we fear Milwaukee and its students will be left behind. Learn Deep aims to put Milwaukee out in front.

Practices and curriculum for this new model have been around for years. Though we see growing use, teachers and schools find the transition difficult. A shift to student-driven, project-based work recasts the role of the teacher and places new demands on schedules and processes within the school. Our goal is to accelerate the rate at which the mindset and culture that enable the effective use of these practices takes root and spreads.  Why now?


Our monthly Collab Labs bring educators and community partners together to share ideas and solve problems. They provide a chance to hear what other schools are working on and how they’ve overcome hurdles to implement innovative practices.

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If you have a project you’d like to take on, we can help structure a process that reduces both the risk of failure and the costs of getting started. At the same time, we can coach your staff in the use of tools that will allow them to do the same moving forward.

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In our conversations with educators across the Milwaukee area, we see a lot of exciting things happening. We’re working to get those stories out to a wider audience and share them here.

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What We’re Hearing

"Today you have sparked us at UG to start thinking beyond the nos and start thinking what small sprints we can do today to effect the long term goals in our building. I had a successful fab lab meeting today and both creative and design brains created a plan to move forward and your teams' guidance made that happen. It wouldn't have moved so fast without this meeting of the minds you so skillfully prepared and guided. Our team created a common project with common lab equipment in under 45 minutes. It was an educational miracle."

Stacey Duchrow
District Assessment Coordinator/STEM Coordinator
Union Grove High School


"Thank you so much for bringing us together! We need more schools and businesses talking together if we want to truly innovate, and you are helping to lead the way."

C. Daniels