Design your best Innovative Learning Experiences with Learn Deep

It takes a community to offer the kind of education all students deserve. A community that is impatient with the status quo and willing to work together to create something new. We bring educators and partners together to develop, pilot, and scale collaborative, real-world learning experiences. You can help make this happen. You can help build a new model for education in Milwaukee.



Learn Deep Fellows

What if you had the support of peers, community partners, and coaches to help you design and implement a real world challenge for your students? 

What if that experience could expose students to the work of area firms, the resources of area universities, the tools and mindset they will need to move forward in life? 

What if you could do this not once, but over the next few years, to build the skills, confidence, and relationships to do even more?

Now’s your chance. 


inspirEd Community

What if there was a place to connect with inspired educators and partners you might meet in a Collab Lab?

What if there was a place where you could grow your professional competency as an innovative teacher without the ads, trolls, and distractions of traditional social media?

What if there was a place where you could collaborate with peers and community members on creating Learning Experiences that prepare your students for LIFE as a global citizen?

There is.

It’s new.

It’s called the inspirEd Community. We’re inviting you to explore and grow with us.