Architecture 302

How can we leverage service learning requirements to build connections between K-12 schools and higher-ed?

Learn Deep, UWM School of Architecture and UWM Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research’ have teamed up on an exciting new initiative.

The UWM course, Architecture 302 – Architecture and Human Behavior, is seeking service-learning partners at area schools for the spring ‘23 semester and beyond. Students from the course will engage in 20 hours of direct service in a classroom between mid-February and mid-May, usually about 1-2 hours per week. These students will be familiar with the design process and most should have experience with CAD software and prototyping tools.

We believe the UWM students can be most effective in a project management role to support individual students or small teams engaged in project based work. On the assumption they would visit classrooms once per week, we can prepare them with a short script for check-in meetings to help keep teams on track and accountable for their work on a given project. The main requirements are that the UWM students are in a role that is beneficial to the teacher and school they are paired with, and that they can participate in that role throughout the semester.

During the second part of the semester, UWM students will begin to explore questions related to human centered design and reflect on the learning environment of the school they are working in. The goal is that UWM students will develop an understanding of the school environment as they participate in service and can then use their perspective as they engage with course content related to human centered design. As a partner, we ask that participating teachers to be open to responding to student questions regarding the school’s educational environment. In small groups, UWM students will create a culminating project that analyzes their experiences in relation to the educational environment. Their projects will be shared with the school and community

We hope for this project to be the beginning of a longer-term relationship between school partners and the Architecture 302 course. In coming years, the UWM students and partners could work more intentionally to incorporate concepts of human centered design into school-based projects or other activities that would benefit your students. At the end of this term, we will ask for feedback and insight into what school partners would like future collaborations to look like.