It takes a community to develop the talent Milwaukee needs for the 21st century. Educators and students alike recognize the value of collaboration with industry professionals– for the expertise and experience they can share, to broaden students’ views of what’s possible in Milwaukee, and to inspire students to a higher level of work and engagement.

Want to get involved?

Join us in a Collab Lab

Our Collab Lab series brings K-12 educators from throughout the region together with partners from industry, nonprofits and higher-ed for monthly discussions/workshops aimed at uncovering opportunities to engage students in collaborative, real-world work. We draw an audience that is eager both to share and act on ideas. To date, we’ve pulled in roughly 500 participants who come from public, private, and charter schools throughout greater Milwaukee and more than 100 outside organizations.

Become an Industry Partner in our Fellows Program

Industry partners are a key component of our Fellows Program. You can help build the pipeline of teachers and learning experiences that develop the talent Milwaukee needs. The relationship focused approach of the program provides students and teachers a unique perspective on your company, and the people in it. Its an approach the gives students a glimpse of what they might want to become in a way that career fairs, mock interviews, and drop in for a day programming cannot.

Support a STEM Studio

We use a studio format to engage educators and community partners in a collaborative design process to create and pilot real-world projects with the potential to scale across schools and grade levels with network effects. We’re working with MPS on a pilot effort that will focus on opportunities to develop computational thinking skills within middle school science classes. Industry support and participation are key to making these happen.

Become an Industry Adviser

We tap industry expertise in both the design and execution of STEM Studio projects. If your employees are looking for a chance to not only give back, but to see students do cool things, let us know, and we can find a place to plug them in. 

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Offer an On-site Experience

It’s a little more difficult this year, but our initiatives leverage on-site experiences with community partners as a key component in the work students do. We can work with you to craft Covid- safe virtual or on-site experience for students that provides opportunities for meaningful interaction with both students and their teachers.

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