A Collaborative Learning Experience Design process for schools


Our approach is to drive change from the bottom up by tapping into the energy of teachers who want to see their students do great things.  To that end, we’re coaching teachers to put together student projects that:

  • are driven by the passions of a teacher;
  • engage students in meaningful, authentic work;
  • allow students and teachers to build connections to higher ed, industry, and outside organizations.

where together we can:

  • test and refine at a small scale;
  • scale across districts with network effects– e.g., create higher value, new opportunities;
  • make it easy for teachers/schools/partners to choose to participate.

we do this by:

  • employing techniques from adjacent domains, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, etc.
  • lowering barriers to participation such as co-design of the Learning Experience and finding advisors and mentors for you and the students
  • supporting participating teachers throughout the life of the Learning Experience with check-ins, inspirEd community sharing, etc.

Interested in organizing a STEM Studio cohort at your school or in your district?

Current and Past Projects

Milwaukee Waters Investigation

What if community partners came together to support teachers and students in projects that connect them to Milwaukee’s Waterways?


Adopt A Storm Drain

What if Milwaukee area students learned about citizenship by adopting a storm drain in their neighborhood?


Zoo Train Engineering Challenge

What if Milwaukee area students could design and build a new steam locomotive for the Zoo?  We partnered with the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Coalition for Sustainable Rail on a series of engineering challenges. 


Embedding Discourse within Math

Following on from our Middle School Math project with Milwaukee Succeeds, we’ve worked with schools on a collaborative, teacher led effort to make discourse a regular part of their math lessons.