Community Engaged Learning Projects

Current Projects

We have four community-engaged projects scheduled to run over the course of the 2023-24 school year. Each offers an opportunity for K-12 students to take a hero’s journey with a real-world challenge where their work can have a direct impact on their school, neighborhood, or the larger community.  Each offers students a chance to connect to expertise and experiences beyond school to develop their thinking, make connections, and gain a broader sense of what’s possible.

Design of Learning Spaces

What if we gave students a chance to see that their ideas can make a difference in the world? What if we started at a place they all know, where they spend their days, where they could see the impact of their work? What if we asked them to rethink school?

This project builds on the spring 2023 pilot with UWM Sarup and service learning. 

Elevating Student Voices

What happens when we elevate the voices of students to address issues that matter to them?

This project is a first pilot to build on the spring 2023 Collab Lab sessions that explore Youth Mental Health factors. 

MKE Skates

Where should Milwaukee develop a skateboard park?

Exploring a Water Centric City

How might students find their place and purpose in a Water Centric City?

This project is the 3rd iteration of our original Water themed project design.

Get Involved

If you’d like to see your students do something big this year, let us know. 

New to projects of longer duration or working with external community partners? We’ve got you covered. All teachers participating in our project have access to our project implementation group in the inspirEd Community.

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    Recent Projects

    Milwaukee Waters Investigation

    What if community partners came together to support teachers and students in projects that connect them to Milwaukee’s Waterways?


    Adopt A Storm Drain

    What if Milwaukee area students learned about citizenship by adopting a storm drain in their neighborhood?


    Zoo Train Engineering Challenge

    What if Milwaukee area students could design and build a new steam locomotive for the Zoo?  We partnered with the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Coalition for Sustainable Rail on a series of engineering challenges. 


    Embedding Discourse within Math

    Following on from our Middle School Math project with Milwaukee Succeeds, we’ve worked with schools on a collaborative, teacher led effort to make discourse a regular part of their math lessons.


    2023-24 Collab Labs

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