We’ve built a network of educators from public, private, and charter schools across greater Milwaukee and beyond.  The folks that join us in our Collab Labs, experiments, and initiatives want to do great things for their students, are excited by the work, and more than willing collaborate with others to make something happen.  Here’s how you can participate:

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Join us at a Collab Lab

Our Collab Labs bring K-12 educators together with partners from higher-ed, industry, and non-profits to discover and explore opportunities to engage Milwaukee area students in collaborative, real-world projects. Our 5th season kicks off in October, in keeping with the times, on Zoom. 

Become a Learn Deep Fellow

Looking for support, connections, and compatriots to get your students engaged in a collaborative real-world learning experience? Apply to become a Learn Deep Fellow.

Explore an idea

Have an idea for project you’d like to get your students involved in? Want some help identifying opportunities? We work with schools and districts to help educators explore opportunities they’d like to pursue, run experiments to validate ideas and can leverage our Collab Labs and network to help make those happen.

Let us know what you’re thinking with a brief description. We’ll schedule a time to talk through your idea in more detail.

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    Turn your idea into a Pilot project

    Our STEM Studio idea incubator brings small teams of educators and community partners together to design, test, and pilot collaborative real-world projects for students. Projects are designed to have the potential to scale across schools and districts.

    Follow our newsletter for opportunities to join a cohort, or talk to us about setting one up for an idea you have.

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