About Learn Deep Milwaukee

Learn Deep Milwaukee is an independent initiative to drive the creation of a Milwaukee Model for education which is all about that Village being engaged.

It comes from some pretty straight forward realizations:

We know what it takes to build talent in K-12:

  • Repeated opportunities for hands-on, minds-on work that crosses disciplines;
  • an environment that rewards curiosity, exploration, reflection and collaboration;
  • a recognition that we can’t build deep technical skills without also developing students’ creative application of those skills.

We know what it takes to engage K-12 students:

  • Meaningful work that connects with students’ passions, under the guidance of educators who can tune a challenge to meet a student where most rapid gains are made;
  • connections that extend beyond the classroom, that allow students to see themselves not only a citizens in a broader community, but pathways they can follow to become who they want to be.

We know what it takes to do this:

  • A community.
  • A community focused on providing all students the chance to experience what education should look like, what it should feel like, what it should allow students to become.
  • A community that can collaborate across boundaries, that recognizes a shared interest in developing the talents of all of our students, that is willing to show up for students and the educators that would lead them.
  • A community willing to experiment, to dare, to work together to figure out how to get this right.


Our Mission

That leaves us with a pretty clear mission.  To facilitate the development and adoption of Community Engaged Learning Experiences, The next generation of PBL. That means we focus on:

  • Connecting educators and partners in the community who want to see a change in education.
  • Identifying opportunities for them to work together to create meaningful learning experiences for students.
  • Helping them develop the mindset, processes and relationships to do so sustainably, at scale. 


Click this link if it sounds intriguing and something you want to be part of.


2023-24 Collab Labs

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