About Learn Deep

Learn Deep is an independent initiative to drive the creation of a Milwaukee Model for education. It comes from some pretty straight forward realizations:

We know what it takes to build talent in K-12: Repeated opportunities for hands-on, minds-on work that crosses disciplines; an environment that rewards curiosity, exploration, reflection and collaboration; a recognition that we can’t build deep technical skills without also developing students’ creative application of those skills.

We know what it takes to engage K-12 students: Meaningful work that connects with students’ passions, under the guidance of educators who can tune a challenge to meet a student where most rapid gains are made; connections that extend beyond the classroom, that allow students to see themselves not only a citizens in a broader community, but pathways they can follow to become who they want to be.

We know what it takes to do this: A community. A community focused on providing all students the chance to experience what education should look like, what it should feel like, what it should allow students to become. A community that can collaborate across boundaries, that recognizes a shared interest in developing the talents of all of our students, that is willing to show up for students and the educators that would lead them. A community willing to experiment, to dare, to work together to figure out how to get this right.


That leaves us with a pretty clear mission.  Connect educators and partners who want to see a change in education. Identify opportunities for them to work together to create meaningful learning experiences for students. Help them develop the mindset, processes and relationships to do so at scale.

Want to help?