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Covid-19 has brought the disparities in education into sharp relief. Now more than ever, Milwaukee area students need the community to come together to create meaningful ways for them to engage in their learning, even where that must be done from a distance.

Hands-on learning can’t just be available in the classroom. Distance learning requires more than a chromebook and internet access. Students need a reason to stay engaged.

Want to help create a new vision for education in Milwaukee?  Did you know there is a community for that?

Connect, Create and Collaborate within inspirEd . The collaborative learning community for SE Wisconsin educators and community partners.

For Educators

We work with educators across the area to find, develop, and scale opportunities for collaborative, real world projects. Along the way we connect them to others who share their vision and can help make it happen.

For Industry

Working a classroom at a time is a slow way to move the needle. We focus on projects that can start small but scale up to involve multiple schools, with opportunities to build off of prior work; projects that provide educators and industry partners a chance to build the relationships that create even more opportunities for students.

Looking to do something more meaningful than write a check?

Want to tell a great story about your work supporting K-12 Education in Milwaukee?

For Community Partners

Students want to engage in meaningful work. If you have a social mission, there is a ton of tapped energy in Milwaukee to help you get there.

Have an idea for how you might work with K-12 students to further your mission?  Want our help spotting some opportunities? Are you trying to figure out out to transform your services to virtual?

2023-24 Collab Labs

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