Collab Labs

Our Collab Labs bring educators and community partners together to build connections, explore ideas, and solve problems. We continue the discussion online in the inspirEd community.

Learn Deep Fellows

Our Fellows Program is a community based approach to equip and prepare Milwaukee area teachers to provide K-12 students with real world Learning Experiences that develop the talents students need to go out into the world.
Program Details

Year two projects will include the next evolution of this year’s water projects and new projects focused on social impact and engineering. Applications are due April 8th. We’ll Select our second cohort at the beginning of April.

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STEM Studio

The STEM Studio brings educators and community partners to design and pilot real world Learning Experience Frameworks.
Process Overview

STEM Studio workshops are a core activity for exploring how to experiment with introducing innovative learning. They are available as a stand-alone experience for individual schools and organizations. The Fellows Program Professional Development offering incorporates STEM Studio as the process to design the Frameworks for student-driven community engaged projects. 


We test out ideas on a small scale (one or two teachers, an after school club, etc.), reflect on what we see, and use what we learn in the next iteration or as input to the STEM Studio process to design a scalable Learning Experience.
Career Interviews

Can we structure a process for student driven interviews that helps students understand the breadth of careers in Milwaukee?

Up-cycling for maker spaces

How can we get excess material from industry available for use in schools?

Safe routes to school

What makes a student feel safe on the way to school? Where can those questions lead students?

School lunch

How do students experience lunch? If we asked them, what would they want to change?


Our cross-district initiatives are driven by the passions of teachers to engage students in meaningful, authentic work, and structured to build the capacity of schools to do even more. We use our STEM Studio process to co-design new Learning Experiences that teachers implement with their students.
Adopt A Storm Drain Challenge

What if Milwaukee area middle school students developed ways to keep our Drains clear from pollutants of all kinds?

Zoo Train Engineering Challenge

What if Milwaukee area students designed and built a new steam locomotive for the Zoo?

Math conversations

How can we help students and families see math as something more than memorizing a set of rules?

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