Learn Deep inspirEd Community


a Learn Deep Collaborative Learning Community

Great learning needs an engaged Community

We decided to start a free, private, and secure online community for educators that want to get stuff done creating awesome learning opportunities for their students. Like Facebook but without the ads and trolls. 

We’re serious about making engaging, real world learning experiences available to every Milwaukee student to let them discover their passion and talents. 

The Learn Deep inspirEd community is where teachers can hone their next practice skills to make that happen.

What is inspirEd?

inspirEd is a community for all those ready to contribute to moving education forward in Milwaukee and the region. It’s in your browser and on your mobile phone. 

Learn Deep’s the vision for inspirEd is to become a barrier breaking, connection-forging town square for those that want to roll up their sleeves and grow their own professional skill in designing and implementing opportunities for students to develop their talents and interests in future careers.

Behind your desk or on the go, engage in discussions, work on honing your skills, or collaborate on an innovative project with other inspirEd members.

inspirEd is a private, free community where you can connect, learn and collaborate. Think Facebook without the ads and negativity. OOptionally, join additional topical focus spaces and courses where you can learn, collaborate and explore, adding valuable skills to your toolbox (some are fee-based).

Practice & Grow

Establish enduring high value relationships with individuals from business, non-profit and higher Ed that are just as passionate about creating engaging learning to benefit all your students.

Some of the topics you could decide to explore as a member of inspirEd:

  • How to design and implement real world, hands on multi-disciplinary learning experiences
  • Evolve your professional teaching practice with techniques for coaching students to successfully journey their Learning Experience.
  • Working as a member of a multi-disciplinary teaching team
  • Continuous learning of new STEM skills, techniques, devices, etc.

(mobile version of inspirEd shown on the left)

Why join inspirEd?

  • You want to be part of a working community focused on evolving learning as we know it. Explore, discover and practice ‘next practices’ in education with colleagues.
  • Enhance your professional value as a teacher.
  • You are looking to make a difference for Milwaukee students.
  • Gain insight into work and careers through discussion with members from industry. 
  • Discover expertise from the non-profit world to bring valuable insights to your students. 

How do I join?

You can use the button below to navigate to the inspirEd starting page, choose the free community plan. Then, simply let us know who you are and how you can contribute to make inspirEd a thriving Milwaukee education innovation community.

That’s it!

See you inside.