MKE Skates civics and engineering project


Over the 2023-24 school year, students in a freshman engineering class at UWM will execute the conceptual engineering planning for a skateboard park using traditional design elements such as ramps, rails, etc. that can be installed on a temporary basis at one or more locations within Milwaukee. The features they design will be aimed at younger (middle school) skateboarders. The components UWM students design will be installed for public use during the summer of 2024. While UWM students will focus on components for the skateboard park, additional work is needed to identify and vet potential sites for both temporary installation next summer or a permanent installation.


Our challenge to students:

  • Identify a location in the City where you would like to see a pop-up or permanent skate park.
  • Show how you would lay out park components or features.
  • Identify physical, environmental, social, political, historical, geographical, or economic factors that advantage development of a skate park at this location or would need to be overcome to do so.
  • Present the case for why The City should consider your site.


Learn Deep will:

  • Work with participating teachers to talk through implementation and identify specific needs they have to work within curriculum and schedule requirements at their school as well as address specific goals they have for involvement with the project.
  • Recruit outside reviewers who can offer feedback as students develop and present their ideas
  • Create opportunities to collaborate with students from other participating schools
  • Organize field experiences with program partners
  • Coordinate a year review and project pitch event
  • Offer a virtual platform (check out the inspirEd page or visit inspirEd) for regular check-in meetings and on-line collaboration with participating teachers.

Timing & Deliverables

Fall Semester 

  • Identify potential sites
  • Research factors that impact the feasibility for each potential site

Spring Semester

  • Validate assumptions and build the building case for the target site
  • Presentation of site proposals and pitch


Participation is open to middle and high schools within Milwaukee County. Limited to 8 schools and no more than 200 students.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about how to participate as a school or program partner, we invite you to contact us using the form below.


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