Professional Development 2.0

Change is hard, especially change in an educational system that has been in place for over 100 years.

The world of education is moving towards Authentic Learning and Project Based Learning. How does your school even begin to move in that direction? It seems like we’re all caught in a system that discourages true innovation.

At Learn Deep, we come from the worlds of entrepreneurship and agile software development. In this way of thinking, the goals are:

  • to gain a solid understanding of the problem one is trying to solve;
  • use rapid, iterative development process to drive towards solutions that are both effective and sustainable.
  • reduce risk by first and consistently enhancing understanding
  • learning from ‘failure’
  • use a disciplined, measured approach to ‘scaling’ the solution to ensure meeting stated objectives

Getting Started

If you have a couple of colleagues and a project you’d like to take on, we can help structure a process that reduces both the risk of failure and the costs of getting started. At the same time, we can coach your staff in the use of tools that will allow them to do the same moving forward. Unique in our approach is to structure your project so that students are involved in the work.

A true win-win-win

We believe our approach is unique in using ‘on the job’ experiences to professional development of teaching staff. Coaching teachers in this structured, problem solving oriented process can result in a triple benefit:

  • You get a chance to practice leading collaborative multi-disciplinary efforts;
  • Your students get to solve a real world issue that impacts their school;
  • Your school develops a better understanding of the path to move towards modern, 21st learning.

To learn more or to invite us to your school to discuss how we might help you, submit your information using the form below.

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