Industry Advisers

Want to help K-12 students do great things? 

Industry advisers play a key role in the collaborative real-world projects we set up with schools.  The willingness of adults outside of school to offer their knowledge, encouragement, and time inspires students to do more and gives them a broader view of what’s possible in Milwaukee.

Here’s where you can get involved:

Learn Deep Fellows Water Projects

This summer our Learn Deep Fellows participated in our STEM Studio workshop to work with colleagues and community partners on the design of three real world projects for their students. The projects developed over the course of the course of the two week workshop focus on water, but are aimed at the much larger goals the fellows have for their students– that they can see a broad range of career possibilities, that they can see themselves as creators and that they think of themselves as someone who can make a difference in their community.  Those three goals led to a sequence of three projects which flow together over the course of the school year.

Our Water Our Stories

Students will talk with each other, people in their lives, and others in the broader community involved in the provision or use of water and tell the stories of what clean water means to our community.

Our Water, Our Design

Students will collaborate to design and build a prototype or model of a device to test water for qualities they care about.

Our Water, Our Community

Students will identify a location in their community, how it uses or is impacted by water, the issues posed by the current systems, and propose an equitable, sustainable solution.

If you’d like to help or learn more, get in touch with us using the form below.

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