Industry Advisers

Want to help K-12 students do great things? 

Industry advisers play a key role in the collaborative real-world projects we set up with schools.  The willingness of adults outside of school to offer their knowledge, encouragement, and time inspires students to do more and gives them a broader view of what’s possible in Milwaukee.

Here’s where you can get involved:

Student-led Tech Support for MPS Families

What if students at MPS schools took a lead role in understanding the issues families face as they adapt to distance learning, and could work with MPS technology staff and industry mentors to design and implement systems to support them?  What if this was done, not as a one-off exercise, but as a student run enterprise that could operate over the long term and evolve to support changing needs?

Students could gain exposure not just to hardware, software, and networking concepts, but customer discovery, usability, customer service, and marketing. Not by reading about these concepts, but by working to solve real issues that impact them and their peers. 

We’re working with teachers and students at Washington High School and Golda Meir to create a model for what this could look like for the district.

STEM Studio: Adopt a Storm Drain

Our STEM Studio program connects MPS teachers with community partners to design and pilot real world projects that expose students to computational thinking and tools. We’re working with Sweetwater, Caravela IoT, and MMSD to have 6th and 7th graders at Escuela Vieau, Morse Middle School, and Golda Meir explore issues associated with waste that collects at, and is washed down, storm drains. In support of Sweetwater’s Adopt a Storm Drain program, this fall students will be challenged to find ways to minimize the waste which does collect, use IoT sensors to detect its presence, and provide for its safe removal.

If you’d like to help or learn more, get in touch with us using the form below.

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