Collab Lab 10: Building Resilience

Collab Lab 10: Building Resilience

Thinking about how to develop resilience in your students?

You are not alone. Come share ideas with your colleagues at public, private, and charter schools from across greater Milwaukee, as well as some folks outside of K12 who offer an interesting perspective on the topic.

Among others, you’ll get to talk with:

REDgen – Brooke Talbot,Vice President/Director Schools; Barbara Moser, Board Member; Bill Henkle, Director Schools

REDgen is an advocate for mental health and well being of all youth. REDgen was formed out of a duty of care. They foster active community conversations around what it means to live a balanced life with healthy definitions of success.

REDgen’s Schools Group consists of professionals from schools that serve students and families within metro Milwaukee. School administrators, psychologists, nurses, social workers and teachers from public, private and parochial schools serve within the group. Their meetings create a forum to discuss the needs and strengths of our schools in supporting the emotional development of students. Their mission is to support school staff to promote balance and resiliency in the lives of students and families through training, education, and building relationships within the school community.

Donald Byrne –  4th and 5th grade Social Studies, Science, and Health teacher at Humboldt Park School.

Humboldt Park is an MPS K8 School that is home to a student body with close to 20 different primary languages.  Their participation in a United Nations School of International Learning grant. provided an opportunity for students to gain a better under standing of the backgrounds for many of their peers.

Humboldt Park fourth graders researched the UN member countries of the Caribbean and South America, including various aspects of their assigned country’s people, history, geography, cultures, etc. The students also wrote to their country’s United Nations ambassador seeking information about the country and the UN’s roles there. The students then created a large scale display of their learning. At a recent “World’s Fair” culminating event, students from all the UNSIL schools presented their displays.

Sixth grade students focused on in-depth research on issues the UN is addressing in the member countries. Some examples are; clean water, public health, peacekeeping initiatives, human rights, etc. HPS students used a systems thinking approach to look at their country under the direction of middle school social studies teacher Betsy Markwardt.

Susan Lubar Solvang – Growing Minds

Susan Lubar Solvang is President and Founder of Growing Minds, whose mission is to create safe and trusting relationships in the classroom and within the school community, setting the stage for better learning, using SEL tools, primarily mindful awareness practices. Growing Minds currently is focusing on Professional Development such that educators might learn to increase self-awareness of their emotional patterns, choose their responses intentionally, and learn to quiet the emotional ripples of moment-to- moment classroom life rather than creating more waves.


5:30 – 6:00 Grab something to eat and drink, say hello

6:00 – 8:30 Let’s learn from each other

Food and beverage will be provided. There is no charge for participation but space is limited!

The Collab Lab will be held in the innovation space at Ward 4, 333 North Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI.  Space provided courtesy of The Commons.

The Commons

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