Collab Lab 31: Student run enterprises

What opportunities can we create for students, schools, and the community through student run enterprises?

Student run enterprises can provide an on-going framework for authentic work that engages students in collaborative problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking.  How can we leverage these as opportunities for both cross-disciplinary learning and to engage students in the broader community? Join us to connect with K-12 colleagues from across the area, as well as community partners from higher ed, industry, and non-profits to share ideas and explore options where collaborative efforts could help move things along.



5:30 – 6:00 Grab something to eat and drink, say hello

6:00 – 6:30 Introductions

6:30- 8:30 Let’s work through some ideas

Food and beverage will be provided. There is no charge for participation but space is limited!


Featured Participants

Among others, you’ll have a chance to talk with:

Que El-Amin – Co founder Young Enterprising Society

Que and his brother Kalif founded the Young Enterprising Society (YES) in 2011 to mobilize people, information, resources and capital for the greater good of its members and society at large. YES provides opportunities for K-12 students and young adults that include STEAM programming, hack-a-thons, apprenticeships, and business incubation.  All are infused with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Claire Friona — Co-founder of Agricycle Global

As a mechanical engineering student at MSOE, Claire helped turn class project at MSOE to design solar powered dehydrators for a non-profit organization into an ongoing business. Agricyle works with rural communities in Uganda to turn agricultural products which might go to waste to exports which can support the local economy.  She’s been on the team for two years and has held several roles including engineering and business development. She’s traveled to three countries, building her business and working on the ground with partner communities.


Jill Hughes — Senior Business Academy instructor, Menomonee Falls High School

Menomonee Falls High School is an academy high school, currently hosting 5 academies: Business, Healthcare, STEM, Creative/DCM (Design Communication & Media) and Education. Jill believes the best learning takes place through open-ended project-based learning.  2019-202 marks Jill’s 31st year teaching high school business. Her students run the school’s student store.  The dream for Falls Fan Gear began 4 years ago when MFHS was under renovation. The principal of MFHS, Mr. Robert Vitale, had a vision of opening a full walk in apparel store and having the seniors in Business Academy Capstone use their skills to run a business. An unused classroom in the lobby of the high school was soon converted as part of the construction and FFG opened in August 2017.


Owen Raisch — Associate Director, Student-Run Business Program at Marquette University

Owen is founding Associate Director for the Student-Run Business Program at Marquette University and serves as CEO of the affiliated student-run organization Blue and Gold Ventures (“B&G”). Owen brings diverse experience in founding various nonprofit and for-profit startups and, and as founding President of the Student-Run Business Association (“SRBA”) – a globally-reaching organization including members from Harvard, Georgetown, Northwestern and more – he continues 10-years in commitment to innovating in education.


2023-24 Collab Labs

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