Fellows Program Partnership Opportunities

Learn Deep’s Fellows Program is a comprehensive approach to introducing innovative learning Experiences in Milwaukee area schools. The program brings together educators and community partners from industry, non-profit and higher-ed  to design, implement, and refine collaborative real-world Learning Experiences–Learning Experiences that allow students to see where they can make a dent in the world and start building the connections and relationships to do so.

Get involved as a Corporate Partner

To support students

You’ve seen glimpses of what education should look like: students collaborate to take on a real-world challenge; community partners from industry, higher-ed, and non-profits offer expertise and guidance, problems to address, and an inside view of the work that goes on in our community; the involvement of adults from outside the school walls drives students to do more. You know that these experiences are key to building a strong, diverse, pipeline of talent. You also know that all students deserve this kind of experience. The Fellows Program creates those experiences.

To support teachers

Why should we expect students to develop the skills they need to succeed if we aren’t making the same commitment to develop, support, and empower the teachers who can get them there?

Nothing interesting happens in a classroom without a teacher willing to say yes. Putting together the types of experiences students deserve takes time, resources, and relationships that most teachers don’t have. It also requires a shift in mindset and a new set of skills. The Fellows Program overcomes those barriers.

To build a K-12 ecosystem that works

We could waste another generation talking about the need to collaborate to support K-12. Why wait? It takes vision and commitment to create opportunities for partners to support students engaged in authentic learning experiences. The Fellows Program provides those opportunities.


Get involved as a higher-ed Partner

To engage your students

You recognize that having your students engaged with the broader community, doesn’t just help the community. It gives your students a sense of purpose and a much richer view of where their education might take them. The Fellows Program can connect your students.

To engage prospective students

It’s a lot easier for prospective students to see themselves on campus if they’ve been there and had the chance to work alongside your students, staff or faculty. Not visit. Not listen to.  Not meet. Work. The Fellows Program engages through work.

Get involved as a non-profit partner

To support your mission

Students care about the issues you focus on. Their involvement in taking on those issues can create a much bigger impact. The hard part can be finding the students to engage and the time to keep them engaged. The Fellows Program focuses students, teachers and partners on issues that matter to you.

To extend your reach

The K-12 programming you already offer can equip students to take on a real-world challenge.  The ability to connect programming to meaningful work in the classroom makes your programming more valuable both to students and the schools you do, or would like to work with. The Fellows Program makes those connections.

Get involved as a funding partner

To invest in building something sustainable

We can’t give all students the kind of education they deserve by just investing in programming that happens outside of school. We need teachers who are equipped and ready to engage their students in meaningful ways with connections to partners who can help make that happen. The Fellows Program builds that pipeline of teachers.

To leverage programs you already support

The K-12 programming you already support is much more valuable when it operates in collaboration with classroom teachers to change what education looks like for their students. The Fellows Program creates opportunities for that collaboration.