Collab Lab 5 Recap


collablab5A warm thank you to the 20+ folks who braved the cold to join us last Thursday for a rather passionate discussion around engaging with community partners. As always, it is great to see the level of enthusiasm and thought attendees bring to the room and that so many of you were able to make new connections.


Notes from the session:

Why do you want to partner?

Real world validation of content and essential skills
Students get authentic experience
To teach what students can’t get from Google
Showcase what K12 does
Create a spark
Develop career related skills
Foster a symbiotic relationship with community
Change perception within the community
Establish an ongoing relationship
Stop brain drain from Milwaukee
Develop awareness of career options
Learning gets replaced
Offer a diverse set of experiences
Facilitate learning adaptability
Reconnect teachers with industry


Synergy-community-establish makerspace community of practice
Avoid training recruiting costs
Offer real world problems to students
Offer real world validation of kids’ work
Stimulate re-thinking education

What stands in your way?

Timeline perspective of business
Next quarter job needs
Focus is too narrow – What is success measurement
Focus on “doing” not “thinking”
Legislation – political views
School board control
Parent perception of learning
Knowledge of how to build relationships as a teacher
Constraints on teacher time/skills

How will you move forward?

Sharing – Community
Open your mindset
How do you redefine “Ready”
Begin in your own social circle
Building relationships
Ask “the customer”
Learning how to “let go”
Create showcase events for community
Have a plan for involvement
Allow them to help you with the plan

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