Makerspace/FabLab Workgroup: Discussion Notes

The first meeting of our makerspace/FabLab workgroup was held Tuesday evening at Ward 4.
We did a quick review of concerns, captured a vision of where we would like to head in a lean canvas, and talked through some ideas for how we might help move things along.


  • Physical space
  • Culture
  • Marketing the school
  • Process/problem solving
  • Impact is longer term
  • How do we sell [the idea of a maker space] to the community
  • Lack of tech-ed teachers
  • Distributed ownership of space– e.g. how do we get teachers to think of it as “theirs”
  • Who is coordinator/does this need to be an FTE?
  • Leadership support
  • Time commitment to coordinate use of space
  • Defining a clear purpose for the space
  • How to make the transition [from the current model of teaching]
  • How to capture evidence of learning
  • Resources — materials and equipment
  • Project Ideas
  • Lack of professional development opportunities [for teachers to become comfortable with space/projects.
  • Ability to respond to needs of business community
  • Community Access


School of the 21st Century


  • I don’t understand why school needs to change
  • I am afraid our current approach does not prepare kids for life in the future
  • My child is bored at school
  • I’m not seeing the return on my tax investment
  • I don’t know how to create a schedule to accommodate this change

  • Clear vision
  • Curriculum
  • Makerspace/FabLab
  • Staff aligned with goals of school
Value Proposition
Our solution enhances student engagement which results in [graduates] that are highly functional.


We develop our students to solve problems no one has considered yet.

Unique Advantage

  • Connection to M7
  • Willingness to collaborate
  • Strong art & tech programs
  • Leadership
  • Unique DNA (culture)

  • Students
  • Community
  • Business
  • Parents
  • Tax payer
  • School Leaders

  • # people surveyed
  • Engagement measure
  • Program engagement

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Parent night/events
  • Business/Community meeting
  • Showcase
  • Traditional Media
Cost Structure

  • Equipment
  • Remodeling
  • Teacher re-training
  • Staffing
  • Materials
  • Collaboration

  • Quality graduates
  • Engaged students
  • Improving community
  • Teacher fulfillment


Workgroup ideas to move towards vision

Makerspace/FabLab tours

  • After school
  • Show what I’m working on
  • Chance to ask for help/ideas
  • Visits to makerspaces in both schools and outside organizations


On-line Tools for Sharing

  • Ask for help
  • Share project ideas (Moodle)
  • Slack


Dream Lab Workshop

  • Weekend or during summer
  • Design your dream makerspace/FabLab


Build Curriculum Workshop

  • Summer bootcamp
  • Work as team to design makerspace/FabLab curriculum/projects
  • 2-4 days with coaching

2023-24 Collab Labs

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