Shorewood Visual Journalism Capstone Projects – wow!

visual-journalismA great approach drives engagement and high quality work.

Tuesday night Joost and I attended the presentation of capstone projects by Shorewood High School’s Visual Journalism class. We were blown away by the quality of work.

The class developed by Mike Halloran and Jeff Zimpel “combines the principles and practices of graphic design with those of modern broadcast and print journalism. Students in this class explored the notion of Face Value in their community and expressed their findings telling these stories through video, audio, and online media.”

What we saw and heard on display Tuesday exemplifies an approach to learning and engagement we’d like to see Milwaukee embrace.

  • A school administration that asked the teachers what they needed to make the class a success.
  • The freedom to send kids out into the community to understand and collect stories from people from very different walks of life.
  • Near-peer mentorship provided by MIAD students.
  • Student defined, collaborative projects which engendered such a sense of ownership and passion that students were surprised by how much energy and focus they brought to the work.
  • Presentation of high quality work to the wider community which was a delight to hear and see.

Hats off to Mike Halloran and Jeff Zimpel and their students!

The Projects

You can see the results of their here:

Find your Cloud

How do culturally isolated individuals construct a sense of self identity and purpose?



Generational Stories

Told from a personal perspective, these stories feature three different people from three different generations.
3 Tales from 3 Generations



How does a changemaker see the world? How does that differ from the norm?



America’s Vanishing Compass

A look at declining enrollment in Boy Scouts



One Mountain One Story

“One Mountain One Story was created because of our passion for climbing and love of the outdoors. The film documents the influence and impact climbing rock, ice, and mountains has had on a teacher from the flat lands of urban Wisconsin.”


2023-24 Collab Labs

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