Love The Problem

STEM Forward’s annual sySTEMnow conference brings K-12 educators together with folks from higher-ed, industry, and nonprofits that have an interest in advancing STEM Education.  With such a diverse group in attendance, we wanted to create an opportunity for students to share not what they have completed, but the problems they are working on as part of a longer running project– a chance for them to articulate the problem the are focused on and get input and feedback from a broad range of perspectives.  

Our session at the conference last week gave four teams of students the chance to do just that, with two rounds of feedback followed by a general discussion to pull out overarching themes, advice, and commendations for the participating students and their teachers. Participating teams included:

  • St. Francis High School -Independent Study Robotics Cohort
  • Glen Hills Middle School -Future City
  • Golda Meir Middle School -Fire App
  • JCI / Elmbrook Schools -FIRST Robotics

After our session students had a chance to share their work with more attendees as part of the Generation STEM showcase. A big thanks to Milwaukee Succeeds for sponsoring the session!

St. Francis High School – Independent Study Robotics Cohort
Glen Hills Middle School – Future City
JCI / Elmbrook Schools – FIRST Robotics
Golda Meir Middle School – Fire App Team

2023-24 Collab Labs

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